Busy with repairs – pt2

After picking up a number of arcade machines from my local rescue I’ve been working hard to repair or distribute them to other repairers / collectors.

I started by attempting to fire up the Sega Thunderblade deluxe and found that the PCB was present although the screen had collapse. It should all be repairable though. As it’s mainly mechanical in nature it was beyond my skill and interest to restore so I organised a sale with a friend on the forum (who treasures all Sega sit-downs).

Next I pulled a number of the PCBs from the cabs and inspected them. Got a Snow Bros, Robocop and a Neo Geo MVS. The Snow Bros had a colour issue and flickery sprites (a common issue); replacing 4 chips fixed it.

This tidy cab has a slight hiss on the LOPT but otherwise it’s golden. Replaced the horrible rectangular buttons for some large circular ones. 

Wheeled in a larger cab that was World Cup 90 themed and it powered up fine but had white specs all over. Experience told me that replacing the switching psu would solve the issue and £17 later it was fixed. Added to the collection.

Next was Crude Busters. The PCB was showing garbage but the cab was fine. A quick brush down and a talk with a friend and it was organised for collection. The screen may look broken but it’s actually just reflecting the lock on my garage! I supplied some large round buttons to replace the horrid rectangular ones.

Got plenty more to do so watch this space!