Zapper for Nintendo Playchoice 10

I bought a spare Nintendo Zapper a couple of years ago with the plan of modding it to work with my Playchoice 10. The zapper is such an iconic accessory and Duck Hunt is one of my all-time favourite games for the NES. I don’t have a copy of Duck Hunt for Playchoice but they do come up occasionally and there’s a few multicarts available now.

It’s true there’s an official gun but getting hold of one at a decent price is near impossible. I’ve seen them go for around £80 – £100 and a Zapper goes for £5 – £10; so a no-brainer then.
Recently I was given a couple of NES controller sockets from a gutted NES (which was dead so please call off the retro police!). I can now cut the wires on the socket instead of butchering the zapper itself which is a relief. 

I watched a couple YouTube videos and the procedure to make the zapper compatible with the Playchoice seems pretty straightforward. It’s just a matter of getting around to hooking up the wires and desoldering a transistor.


Jamma cab projects

I’ve got a couple of generic upright jamma arcade machines that are well overdue for some love and attention. I purchased both from local sellers, in a non-working condition, and have to say I’m pretty happy about both of them.

The first I acquired is this ‘Racecard’ jamma cab which was from a local pub. The seller delivered it in a horsebox and it came complete with a working TMNT PCB. The image was intermittent but my favourite arcade monitor repairman made light work of it and I finally had a cheap working cab. A good bonus feature is that the monitor can be rotated relatively easily.

The cab now runs a 60-in-1 with the monitor kept vertical. Therefore the project I have in mind is to overhaul the control panel, add a small spinner and replace the buttons with the round type. I’d keep it limited to one joystick and I also love having duplicate buttons to support lefties!

The second cab I picked up myself and it didn’t come with a game PCB. It’s quite an interesting design as its marquee is below the control panel. The issue with this cab is the monitor has vertical collapse but I’m pretty sure my monitor repairman will be able to fix it for me. It’s in overall poor condition needing new T-moulding and a good clean.

I’ve no real plans for this cab other then getting it working. I’ll keep the monitor horizontal and put in multigame like a Pandora’s Box 3.



Here are some sizes and details for the ‘New Video Game’ cab: