Forgotten Control Panel Overlay – pt 1

The first arcade machine I purchased was this Leisure 2000 Neo-Geo MVS, containing a 4-slot MVS motherboard. It usually runs the following entertaining games: Metal Slug, Neo Turf Masters, Bubble Bobble and NeoGeo Cup 98. A Leisure 2000 is basically a cheap facsimile of the rather sort after Lordsvale cab. It’s pretty tidy inside, has a really crisp monitor and easy to move around the games room.

Leisure 2000 Neo-Geo MVS

Looking closer at the control panel overlay (CPO) you can see that it’s seen better days. Someone’s idly picked at the edges and it’s also seen a long scrape across the front at some point.

This CPO has seen better days!

I contacted MuddyMusic on the UKVac forum (he now runs the rather awesome Arcade Art Shop) and he made me a vector replacement but in the style of the more popular Lordsvale cab. It was delivered quickly, I looked at it and then it sat in the tube for about 4 years! Thanks to this blog it’s now out of the tube and sitting on the table currently being stretched out in preparation for fitting.

A replacement CPO in the Lordsvale style

I’ll be sure to write-up how fitting the new CPO goes. I’ve got to completely remove the old one, requiring much elbow grease, and then slowly stick on the new one without trapping any air pockets. It’s a moderatly stressful process but watching a few YouTube videos should prepare me for it.



Author: NES4Life

Just a regular retro gamer and collector with too many projects!

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